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Standalone Adhesive Mixer For Solventless        Lamination Machines

AlphaMix 2.png
AlphaMix 3.png
AlphaMix 1.png
  • System Details

- Alpha mix is a two-component adhesive mixing & dispensing system which delivers mixture of Adhesive components at a desired ratio and temperature. It can be connected with any brand of Solventless machine.

- Realtime GSM screen reads main machine's speed and shows application thickness in real time.

✓ The system displays coating GSM in real time.
✓ The GSM can be controlled by the machine control.
✓ In case of any potential condition in which the delamination can take place due to adhesive components proportion / ration changes, the machine will be tripped with alarm of this situation, thus the system ensures zero delamination in any

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