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Corrugated Board

Corrbox: With its game-changing technology, Corrbox completely eliminates quality problems caused by gluing in corrugated cardboard production. Moreover, it does this independent of the surface and does not require additives in your adhesive, and while doing this, it provides a price advantage compared to its competitors.

FFG go:  A flawless price/performance product. Easy-to-use, single-sided and/or double-sided adhesive application options. The FFG Go model offers the optimum solution for users who do not use quality control. Still, its technology is premium quality.

Corrbox System

The rules of the game has been changing.

- 21", Windows Operating system, intuitive and easy to use terminal

- Completely modular control system

- Fast, precise and powerful gunkit

- An AI supported unprecedented sensor which let you to choose your productds and adhesives. Faster and better than a camera but cheaper

- With inverto option it gives you the option to decrease the capex price.

- Waterbath option

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FFG Go System

- Fast and precise gluing,

- A control box dedicated to corrugated indusrty

- Easy to use, fast setup

- Dot and line applications

- 2 + 2 double sided (machine and operator) application

- One sided 3 hat tek taraflı tutkallama seçeneği

Spare Parts


- Armatures

- Nozzles 

- Filters

- Cables

All spare parts necessary for your hhs products. And it is original.

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