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End Of Line Solutions

Melters from 4 liters to 100 liters, completely electrical glue application guns, heated hoses, application guns with 24V and special voltage according to your needs, single, multiple and coating head application nozzle solutions according to your needs

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Control and application solutions completely built for the end of the line applications

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High efficiency and quality products. Tell us your needs and we will serve you the most feasible solution options.

Hot Glue Guns

Hot glue applicators/guns suitable to your needs;

- Electrically or air controlled

- Precise temperature control

- Fast or relatively small

- Wide nozzle and coating head options

- Different voltage levels accoding to your needs

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- Piston or gear pump options

- Product range from 4kg to 100kg

- Differentiates according to the glue

- PID controlled temperature

- Pressure control with I/P convertor option

- Geniş fieldbus desteği (opsiyonel)

- Otomatik dolum seçeneği

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Heated hoses and control units

Highly secure, premium heated hoses in various sizes and contol units that increases the performance of your guns.

Spare Parts


- Armatures

- Nozzles 

- Hoses

- Filters

- Cables

All spare parts necessary for your hhs products. And it is original.

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