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Folding Carton

Pumps, control systems, application valves (glue gun) and system solutions suitable for your needs for the folding carton industry:
​ ​

Go: Base level controller, pumps and application valves

Evo: Controller with high speed support, support for up to 8 application valves and option to add standalone quality control

Pro: Modular system; 21 inch screen, state-of-the-art system solutions supporting all QA/QC products (including camera)

Cold Glue Guns

Cold glue applicators/guns suitable to your needs;

- Electrically or air controlled

- Fast or relatively small

- Non contact or coating head

- Different voltage levels accoding to your needs

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Cold Glue Pumps

- Piston pumps

- Dipahragm  pumps

- Pressure tanks

- Manual and automatic pressure regulators

- Efficient filtration

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Sensors and cameras

- Code reading sensors

- Double sheet detection sensors

- Glue detection sensors

- Glue detection cameras

- Smart cameras

- Die Cut Monitoring cameras

and more....

Spare Parts


- Armatures

- Nozzles 

- Filters

- Cables

All spare parts necessary for your hhs products. And it is original.

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