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Corrbox: With its game-changing technology, Corrbox completely eliminates quality problems caused by gluing in corrugated cardboard production. Moreover, it does this independent of the surface and does not require additives in your adhesive, and while doing this, it provides a price advantage compared to its competitors.

FFG go:  A flawless price/performance product. Easy-to-use, single-sided and/or double-sided adhesive application options. The FFG Go model offers the optimum solution for users who do not use quality control. Still, its technology is premium quality.

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Pumps, control systems, application valves (glue gun) and system solutions suitable for your needs for the folding carton industry:
​ ​

Go: Base level controller, pumps and application valves

Evo: Controller with high speed support, support for up to 8 application valves and option to add standalone quality control

Pro: Modular system; 21 inch screen, state-of-the-art system solutions supporting all QA/QC products (including camera)

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Melters from 4 liters to 100 liters, completely electrical glue application guns, heated hoses, application guns with 24V and special voltage according to your needs, single, multiple and coating head application nozzle solutions according to your needs

​ ​

Control and application solutions completely built for the end of the line applications

​ ​

High efficiency and quality products. Tell us your needs and we will serve you the most feasible solution options.

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The reliability and success of your product print runs depend largely on two factors: precise adhesive application head function and seamless monitoring. Only the fault-free interaction of both functions guarantees productivity and quality. From feeder to display.

Your results are secured with high-quality glue application guns, sensors and cameras.

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With over 25 years of tobacco industry experience, Baumer hhs helps you in;

- Cİgarette production

- Cigarette packaging

- Stampering

- Box and transport packaging

- and more..

processes and support your development. To exploit this experience please contact us.

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